This one is for all those tech savvy users out there.

Do you work on the web a lot? Have you ever tried to show your client, friend, or family members something specific on a website via email? It's quite difficult to get your point across isn't it.

MARKUP. Idea Sharing Made Easy.

We stumbled upon and shared this cool little web application a while back, but we felt that it was worth mentioning again. This neat little app allows you to draw on any web page with a variety of different tools and easily share them with someone else. But don't take our word for it, try it out for yourself!

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Have You Seen The New Showreel?

Showreels are becoming quite popular these days. Studies are showing that web users are doing a lot less reading and a lot more scanning. Users are more likely going to look at media oriented content on your website such as images and video, rather than really getting to know your literature. That is why we have focused our attention on website video showreels to deliver the overall message. Showreels don't necessarily tell the whole story, but instead leave your visitor with a good idea about what it is you do. Check out our showreel for an example:

June 2011 Desktop Wallpaper

We're attempting to establish a fun new tradition. Each month we will be posting a free downloadable desktop wallpaper for you to enjoy. Each wallpaper will feature a mini-calendar depending on the month. Check out this month's new calendar:


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Out With The Old. In With The New.

Say Hello to Ridgeline 2.0

We decided it was time to revamp our website. In this model, we put a lot of emphasis on delivering a clear message. Countless hours went into copyrighting, navigation, and page layout. We felt that was where our old site fell short. So, without further adieu we give you the Ridgeline Graphics Inc. website of 2011. Take a look around...

2009 - 2011(RIP)


 2011 +


So what's the Issuu?

We recently just started utilizing a new and unique social network called Issuu. It's an interesting spin on social networking because the platform focuses on taking different types of literature and compiling it into a digital library. Users are able to create accounts and create their own collection of documents and literary pieces that they can share and review with others. 

Check us out on Issuu:

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