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We stumbled upon this little gem the other day. Pure comedy...

Facebook Now Integrating Music?

facebook-musicIt appears that Facebook isn't finished after the fresh new launch of Video Calling. Sources have uncovered some curious code that leads us to believe that facebook is now working on integrating a new music feature codenamed "Vibes". Here's the code that has us questioning:

if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.peep"))

return this.window.getMember("VideoChatPlugin");

if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.vibes")) {

return this.window.getMember("MusicDownloadDialog");}

Hearing all of this commotion about Facebook taking on music capabilities has us a bit worried. Remember that old ghost town social network called MySpace? Yeah, we're afraid that this could be one of the possible directions that facebook is heading. However, time will tell and we plan to let the real Vibes speak for itself. So far so good with the social network king. 

What's your take on a possible music feature? Do you think Facebook is heading in the direction of MySpace? 

Facebook Video Calling

fb-video-callingSince the launch of Google+, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided that it was time to stir the pot. A few weeks back we began hearing rumors of a new Facebook feature codenamed "Something Awesome.".'d think that the social network pioneer would come up with something a little more creative than "Something Awesome", but C'est La Vie.

If you haven't already noticed, at 10 AM PST Facebook released "Something Awesome" in the form Facebook Video Calling. It appears that Facebook has teamed up with Internet video calling giant, SKYPE. Currently, this feature will enable users to chat with friends one-on-one, but there appears to be group chat plans forthcoming.

Watch the Announcement Video

Pretty cool huh?

How Do I Get Video Calling?

The video calling feature hasn't shown up on everyone's account yet. However, you can initialize it yourself. Simply follow this liink and click on "Get Started" to turn on your Video Calling feature. Enjoy!

Site Security

lockIt's important to take a look at website security. This not only applies to your pesonal website(s), but also when browsing the Internet. Making sure your website/browsing experience is "locked down" can determine whether or not your personal information is compromised or even your website getting broken into to.

Website security for your website comes in a variety of different forms. Security qualifications are often determined by the type of website you have as well as the type of user interactions that are taking place. User interactions such as whether or not your visitors are entering personal information into a web form or if they're purchasing a product via your online store.

Password Protected Logins

One of the most common ways we experience web security breaches are through password protected logins. These online login portals can come in the form of webmail services (hotmail, gmail, etc.), online banking, to even your personal website. With such opportunity to have your logins compromised it's important to follow some basic precautions when creating user accounts and password on various websites.

Unique Passwords

It's easy to get lazy and use common locations or event dates when creating login infomrmation. Try not to use common events such as birthdays or locations where you currently live or have lived. These actions are extremely common and can easily be uncovered by hackers.

Use More Than Just Letters

It's quite easy for intruders to figure out login data if it simply contains letters, such as a common phrase that you may use. An easy way to make your passwords more secure is to use keyboard symbols and/or numbers along with your phrase. This greatly reduces the likelyhood of your password getting cracked.

Don't Repeat

We all do it and intruders know it. Attempt to use different passwords for your various online accounts. If your common login information were to be uncoded, it's likely that you would not only lose control of one online account, but several.

SSL Security

SSL Certificates, or Secure Socket Layers, provide communication security all over the Internet. Installing an SSL Certificate on your website will ensure that your data and your audience's personal information is encrypted while traveling from website to server. SSL Certificates not only ensure that your personal website(s) is secure, but also your browsing experience.

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox




It's important to keep a look out for SSL notifications while browsing the internet. Espcially when entering in personal information or shopping online. It's also a good idea to stay informed on what an SSL notification is acutally trying to tell you as you browse. The following is a simple SSL chart breakdown of common SSL messages:

Padlock Chart


The Google Chrome browser will actually show you how an SSL certificate is being utilized on the website your are currently viewing. You may experience various notifications while browsing, each depicting a different level of security validation. The green https showcases a completely valid SSL secure site. This mean that all links and forms, media content, etc are all following SSL security requirements. The other two notifications are alert notifications. These indicators basically mean that the page you are currently viewing is still SSL secure, but that there may be vulnerable assets throughout the page. Vulnerable assets, meaning links, forms, pictures, or even youtube videos are not embeded properly.This doesn't mean that you should flee from the website, it simply means that you should be cautious and know who you are dealing with.

These notifications can be quite handy when browsing new websites, or when attempting to submit personal infomraiton. Here are a few more charts that break down various security precautions:

Site Connection


Site Identity


Site History


The Browser Experience

Last, but definitely not least, one of the easiest security precautions you can take is making sure your website browser is updated. Older browser types can introduce user-side security risks that are often protected against in up-to-date browsers. So just remember, you can use any browser you like, it doesn't matter, but use the most recent version!

July 2011 Desktop Wallpaper

We decided to design up two desktop wallpapers for July 2011. Feel free to Download, Share, and Enjoy:


Click Here to Download


Click Here to Download

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